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Hazmieh, Lebanon


  •  Monitor freezers and chillers temperature to avoid food waste
  • Monitoring electricity consumption and receive alerts in case of electricity outage
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Historical data log of temperature and energy consumption


  • Freezers and chillers compressors failures
  • Freezers and chillers doors remain open for more than 30 minutes during restocking
  • Unscheduled electricity outage
  • Failure of auxiliary electric UPS backup system


  • ControlbyWeb X-404: Modbus RS485 & Temperature Gateway to log and monitor the data received from Elite 444 meter and the three 1-wire temperature sensors installed in the chillers and freezer
  • Modbus RS485 Class 1 smart meter: Modbus RS485 Class 1 electric meter with three current transformers (CTs) to measure all parameters of electric consumption and power quality
  • ControlbyWeb X-600: Secure controller with built-in server used to aggregate and visualize the system data points with widgets, gauges, graphs, trends, and drill down webpages for further data analysis


  • Food safety and compliance with health regulations
  • Prevent equipment failures and downtime
  • Establish a baseline for energy consumption

Design, configure, and install a pilot system for a multinational restaurant which monitors its energy consumption and logs the temperatures of its freezers and chillers.

 The system has the following features: 

  • Provide real time values of all electric parameters like daily and total electric consumption (kWh), electric power (kW), 3 phase currents and voltages, power quality, power factor
  • Monitor and store all electric parameters
  • Avoid food waste by monitoring and storing temperature of two chillers and one freezer
  • Provide a dashboard to access all stored data with graphs and trends of historical data
  • Provide edge logic and algorithm to monitor how many times the chillers and freezer were open for more than 30 minutes per day and log that data
  • Data analysis with drill down capability to analyze stored data
  • No monthly cloud fees
  • System requires a username and password to login