Server Rooms Environmental Monitoring

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Culture and Tourism


Louvre Museum


Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • Monitor environmental conditions of all telecom/server rooms & individual racks
  • Receive real-time alerts in case of temperature or humidity are outside threshold range
  • Daily weekly monthly or annual reports


  •  Environmental impact on longevity & performance of telecom assets
  • Early detection of issues that can have an impact on the operation of systems across site


  • X-410: Web-Enabled Programmable Controller featuring 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Relays, up to 16 1-Wire temperature/humidity sensors
  • IOPlatform: IOPlatform is web-based software used to connect ControlbyWeb devices in real-time into one integrated platform. Users are able to add remote
  • ControlbyWeb devices & associated sensors & fetch their real-time data into one single platform
  • X-DTHS-P:Robust temperature and humidity sensor probe


  • Longevity and performance of telecom assets
  • Providing unique, trusting, & reliable environment for all museum users
  • Improving proactive maintenance of the cabling infrastructure to reduce trouble shooting timelines and optimizing performance
  • Project deployment of hardware & software within time frame: installation, testing, commissioning and go live

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art museum located on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is approximately 24,000 square meters in size making it the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula. Artworks from around the world are showcased at the museum.
They use ControlByWeb's I/O products to monitor sensors gathering data on such things as temperature, humidity, and more. Our software provides one centralized platform to aggregate data and provide secure access for multiple users across different departments.

The IOplatform software has the following features:

  • CBW device model number, status, location, & number of connected sensors
  • Current and historical sensors data trending
  • Sensor status
  • Sensor high and low level limits
  • Alarm views acknowledgment & status reporting
  • Filtering mechanism per: device, location, and sensor view
  • Manage devices such as add, remove, or modify
  • Manage sensors such as update sensor information, thresholds, and critical limits
  • Manage users such as user groups, logins, roles, and permissions
  • Full reporting capabilities with Excel and PDF export to help maintenance managers issue work orders against faults


  • X-410 digital inputs can be used to detect a variety of parameters such as door status, water leak, fire or smoke sensor.
  • X-410 1-wire temperature bus can be connected to up to 16 temperature sensors Probe measures both temperature and humidity


Common I/O problems

  • Compatibility headaches - Some devices don't work as well outside of their own ecosystem
  • Too expensive or unreliable - Affordable monitoring and control is often unreliable, costing more to maintain
  • Limited use cases - Devices that are purpose-built often have narrow applications


ControlByWeb solutions

  • Seamless integration - Our modules work just as well in other software as they do using on-board logic
  • Reliable - Affordability without sacrificing quality, justifying monitoring in more places
  • Limitless potential - Monitor and control anything, anywhere͈ your only limit is your imagination