Smart Irrigation Automation

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California Avocado Orchard


Camarillo, California


  • Simplify irrigation solution for the California Avocado Orchard
  • Reduce costs associated with the previous system
  • Improve tech support and ease of equipment use


  • Steep costs and lackluster tech support of the previous system
  • Difficulty in using and managing the automation system
  • Time consuming and costly technician calls forminor issues


  • Implement ControlByWeb's automation products (X-400, X-401, X-420, X-17s, X-22s)
  • Modular I/O controllers and expansion modules for versatile automation options
  • Transition to cellular connectivity for easier data acquisition
  • Empower users to manage and tweak automation software independently


  • Efficient irrigation management with ControlByWeb's 400 Series
  • Easy logging of water usage
  • Reduction in time spent on technical support calls
  • Increased time for ranch improvement
  • Higher yield from the avocado and lemon tree ranch

ControlByWeb devices facilitate smart irrigation automation, allowing remote monitoring and control of automatic systems, addressing challenges in labor-intensive manual irrigation. Given that agriculture contributes to 80% of U.S. water consumption and faces ongoing drought, efficient water usage is vital. Although automated systems are proven for efficiency, their complexity and cost
can hinder adoption. 

ControlByWeb devices provide an affordable solution, enabling seamless automation and scaling of irrigation on farms or ranches. This ensures optimal water usage, preventing both over and under-watering. Additionally, in-house tech support and detailed documentation simplify irrigation scheduling, water level monitoring, and overall water use management.


The Simple Solution

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Control valves and pumps
  • Log water usage
  • Flow
  • Built-in flow rate calculations
  • Water Pressure

    And much more...


Common irrigation problems

  • Equipment can be expensive - Automated irrigation equipment is expensive and complex. Changes require hiring a technician
  • Difficult to scale- Irrigation systems are difficult to scale over time. Managing new and old devices is complicated
  • Water use costs - Drought area requires careful water use management and data logging to avoid additional costs

ControlByWebTM solutions

  • Inexpensive and easy to use - Inexpensive, easy-to-use control modules come with full documentation and helpful technical support
  • Scalable- Scalable I/O devices work together seamlessly through peer-to-peer communication and cross-compatibility
  • Reduce waste and fees - Easily monitor and log water use to prevent
    waste, inefficient irrigation and fines