Vaccine and Solution Temperature Monitoring System

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Karantina Vaccine Storage Facility and Rafic Hariri University Hospital


Beirut, Lebanon


  • Maintain Pfizer vaccine temperature storage at -75 °C
  • Maintain solution temperature between 2 °C & 8 °C Continuous, 24/7/365 real-time monitoring, with historical data log
  • Immediate notifications and phone call alerts when temperature is outside threshold or when electricity is interrupted
  • Battery operation to allow continual monitoring even during power outages


  • Operators manually check temperature and paper record keeping
  • No monitoring at night and weekends
  • Unscheduled electricity blackouts
  • Failure of auxiliary electric UPS backup system


  • ControlbyWeb X-406: this Web-Enabled 1-Wire Multi-Bus Module has four 1-wire bus which makes the hardware wiring easier on the field. Up to 64 temperature/humidity sensors can be installed and connected to this device
  • ControlbyWeb X-KTC-B-24-72 K-type sensor: this calibrated K-type sensor has a sensing range from -200°C to 1000°C
  • ControlbyWeb X-TC1W-K Thermocouple to 1-Wire Adapter: this adapter is installed in between the X-406 and the K-type sensor


  • Total visibility of vaccine and solution temperature storage
  • Avoid dramatic impact on vaccine viability and effectiveness
  • Data log to be used for accreditation audits and regulatory bodies

The Ministry of Health in Lebanon and UNICEF requested a monitoring alarm system to monitor the storage of the Pfizer vaccine at the central hub in Beirut which receives the Pfizer vaccine from overseas and distributes it to all hospitals in Lebanon.

Haier Biomedical Freezers were used by the hospital to store the Pfizer vaccine at a temperature of 



 System requirements were as follows: 

  • Monitor the freezers storage and trigger an alarm when the temperature is outside the range of -65°C to -80°C
  • Send email notifications to specified email addresses
  • Make a phone call based on an escalation list (this service is not offered by ControlByWeb, but we used a third-party service)
  • Store the data for the past three months
  • Ability to graph the data in trends for data analysis
  • Ability to export the data