Water purification system integration

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Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority




  • Enable plant maintenance personnel to monitor water purification system from any BAS workstation
  • Facilitate proper notification of critical alarm points


  • Integration of water purification system with Building Automation System (BAS) using Allen-Bradley Controllers
  • Transfer of critical alarm points to BAS operator stations for timely notification


  • Used Allen-Bradley PLC-5E and Rockwell’s RSLinx OPC server in the water purification system
  • Integrated Matrikon’s OPC Data Manager for data transfer between control systems


  • Successful integration of 24 points between purified water system and BAS
  • Real-time monitoring and notification of critical alarm points achieved

Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority aimed to integrate a water purification system with a Building Automation System (BAS) using Allen-Bradley Controllers. The integration enabled real-time monitoring from any BAS workstation, with critical alarm points notifying operators. Matrikon’s OPC Data Manager facilitated data transfer between control systems.

Elevate your water purification system to unprecedented levels of efficiency and control with Matrikon's cutting-edge integration solutions at Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority! Facing the challenge of seamlessly integrating a water purification system with a sophisticated Building Automation System (BAS) utilizing Allen-Bradley Controllers, Matrikon stepped in to revolutionize real-time monitoring and operational intelligence.

The ambitious goal of enabling real-time monitoring from any BAS workstation became a reality through Matrikon's innovative approach to integration. Our solution seamlessly connects the water purification system to the BAS, empowering operators with the ability to monitor critical parameters and respond promptly to dynamic system changes.

At the core of this transformative integration is Matrikon's OPC Data Manager, a robust and versatile tool designed to facilitate seamless data transfer between diverse control systems. This powerhouse solution acts as the bridge, ensuring that critical data from the water purification system seamlessly communicates with the Allen-Bradley Controllers in the BAS.


Imagine a scenario where the water purification system operates in perfect harmony with the BAS, and Matrikon's OPC Data Manager serves as the orchestrator, conducting the symphony of data flow. Critical alarm points become the virtuoso notes that notify operators of any deviations or potential issues, allowing for swift and informed decision-making.

Matrikon's commitment to excellence extends beyond mere connectivity. The integration not only enables real-time monitoring but also empowers operators with comprehensive insights into the water purification process. This heightened visibility ensures that any deviations from the norm trigger immediate alerts, allowing for proactive intervention and minimizing downtime.

In an industry where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, Matrikon emerges as the partner of choice. Our solution seamlessly marries the water purification system with the BAS, utilizing Allen-Bradley Controllers, to create a synchronized ecosystem that not only meets but surpasses the stringent standards set by Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority.

Embrace a future where operational intelligence meets real-time control, and Matrikon's OPC Data Manager is the catalyst for this transformative journey. Trust us to redefine the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of your water purification system integration – where innovation meets integration, and control becomes a seamless reality.


Common Problems:

  • Inter-System Data Transfer: Challenges in transferring data between the water purification system and BAS
  • Critical Alarm Notification: Ensuring proper notification of critical alarm points for operational efficiency


Matrikon Solutions:

  • Inter-System Data Transfer: Leveraged Matrikon’s OPC Data Manager for seamless communication
  • Critical Alarm Notification: Enabled the integration to notify critical alarm points, enhancing operational efficiency