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Oil and Gas


With the continuous demand on Oil & Gas that started in 1861 until in our days, it is very necessary to improve and standardize on your processes, increasing productivity in different sectors such as; Onshore, Offshore, Upstream, Downstream, Wellheads, Gas plants, Gas compression and Pipelines. EMI offers the integration products and solutions starting from your Distributed Control System (DCS), Data historian, engineering application, predictive monitoring in real time, pipeline integrity solution through fiber Optic, and Web and Smart Devices applications using the latest and best in class implementation and services.




Since 1940 Petrochemicals are an essential part of the chemical industry today. With increasing consumption and ever-increasing conventional and unconventional resources, the challenge becomes not only of availability, but also sustainable usage of fuels with rising of multiple risks and impacts from local plant reliability to environmental effects and regulations. We at EMI provide you with all suitable and integrated solutions that will help you bring your data into actionable items. EMI products can transform data into faster and continuous operation monitoring and KPI performance in real time.




EMI is dedicated to serving the specific needs of the Power and Utility industry. We realize that reliability, efficiency, safety and environmental are the key parameters in power productivity and performance. EMI provides Predictive analytics solution that fits directly into reliability matrix, by increasing heat rate, plant efficiency by monitoring the entire system including make-up water, boilers, turbines, heat exchangers, steam cycle system, water system and gas flow systems. We are a company that understands the power of data and integrating systems together; more importantly how to put a complete and unique solution that meets the need of your operation.


Water Desalination


Fresh water is a necessity for every citizen and especially in the gulf. Hence continuous monitoring and maintenance for Water Desalination plants is a must. EMI has a variety of solutions that assist water desalination facilities, mainly:

  • Operate at highest efficiency possible via advance computation engines
  • Reduce operation costs by continuous monitoring of whole production cycle
  • Avert equipment damage via predictive monitoring
  • Ensure transparency in financial exchanges by using EMI PWRS