Engineering & Marketing International

Server Remote Reboot and Auto Reboot

WebSwitch Plus™ streamlines server room management by offering remote rebooting for two devices, allowing control and monitoring via web browser, with added features like automatic reboots and temperature monitoring

Warehouse Temperature Monitoring System

Our customers trust ControlByWeb controllers for industrial-scale processing and storage, providing reliable and redundant warehouse temperature monitoring and control for items like food, medicine, and vaccines

Weather Monitoring and Logging

The X-422 Davis Suite Controller monitors weather conditions with connected sensors, displaying data on a web browser and uploading to sites like Weather Underground without a dedicated computer.

Restaurant Building Automation

Operating a restaurant is an expensive proposition. Between supplies, employees, equipment, and often franchise fees, a typical restaurant is left with pretty small margins. So when disaster comes around, it can really hurt.

Lighting Controls

ControlByWeb offers ideal lighting control solutions for energy conservation and enhancing indoor environments without needing a complete retrofit.

Building Lockdown in Under 1 Second

ControlByWeb products enable instant lockdown of office or school facilities with a physical panic button from any location, utilizing existing IP network infrastructure without the need for new wiring.

Automatically Reboot an IP Camera

Continuous surveillance is crucial to prevent camera freezes, which can lead to security risks, manual power cycling, and equipment damage, with undetected freezes heightening vulnerability to theft or vandalism.