X-406™ | 1-Wire Multi-Bus Module

The X-406 is a fully featured web-enabled temperature and humidity module with four independent 1-Wire Buses, allowing monitoring of up to 64 sensors.

X-408™ | Digital Input Module

The X-408 is a fully featured web-enabled digital input monitoring device, designed for applications requiring discrete input monitoring over an IP network.

X-418™ | 8-Channel Analog Input Module

The X-418™ is a web-enabled analog module with eight configurable analog-to-digital inputs. Perfect for sensor monitoring for tank/bin level, pressure, flow, current, and more.

X-417™ | Analog Output Module

The X-417 is a web-enabled analog output module with up to five channels, designed for web-based applications without requiring additional software or hardware.

WebRelay-Quad™ | 4 Web-Controlled Relays

Remotely control 4 electromechanical relays with the WebRelay Quad. The simple user interface and no-code logic builder makes this programmable logic controller the easiest relay control method you can find.

WebSwitch Plus™ | Remote Power Switch

The WebSwitch Plus™ is an IP-controlled remote power strip that’s compatible with any AC device. It features two independent power outlets that can be controlled over an IP network. The WebSwitch Plus can operate worldwide with 100-240V AC and 50/60Hz.