X-22S™ | 8 Analog Input Expansion Module

The X-22S™ eight-analog-input expansion module is used with an X-400™ or X-600M™ controller. It has eight precision analog inputs that can be configured for various voltage ranges and 4-20mA sensors.

XW-111™ | Wireless Digital Input Monitor

The XW-111™ is an easy-to-use, wireless digital input monitoring device with a built-in web server. It can sense the state of up to two switch-state closure sensors.

XW-112™ | WiFi Water Detector

The XW-112™ is a standalone water leak detector that monitors the presence of liquids, sends alarm notifications, and provides real-time sensor status via the web. Includes one GRI-2605 liquid detection sensor.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Probe)

The X-DTHS-P is a temperature and humidity sensor probe which is used in conjunction with many of the 400-Series, X-600M, and WebRelay-Wireless products.