Submersible Temperature Sensor (4m)

The 12-foot (4 meters) Submersible Temperature Sensor (X-DTS-S12-SUB) is suitable for use in harsh environments. Designed to be waterproof and chemical resistant, it is ideal for use in situations that require the sensor to be submerged in liquids.

GRI-29C Indoor Magnetic Contact Sensor

Remotely monitor magnetic contact-closure sensors using ControlByWeb modules. The GRI Closure Sensors can be installed on most doors, windows, cabinets, security/control boxes, and more.

VEGAPOINT 11 Capacitive Limit Switch

The VEGAPOINT 11 ultra-compact capacitive limit switch for detection of water-based liquids. Hygienic adapters available. From DK > 2, 1/2″ NPT thread, M12 connector, transistor output.

MNU-3434 Ultrasonic Sensor

The MNU ultrasonic series provides a non-contact method of detecting level, presence/absence detection, volume, proximity and distance. Please contact our sales department for additional configuration options.

MPX Float Sensor

Monitor liquid levels with a float level sensor and a ControlByWeb® module. Receive text/email alerts when a user-specified level is reached. Log and graph a tank’s level data over time.

PT-500 Pressure Sensor

Monitor liquid levels with a Pressure Transducer and a ControlByWeb® module Receive text messages or email alerts when a user-specified level is reached. Log and plot the level history, and more.